How Patching Truck Tires


Buddy all meet back with my Shaman aka Ban tire repairman, I hope you are all currently in good standing, healthy and lacking in nothing, Amen. Buddy everything of course you already know that any vehicle that uses rubber tires, one point would leak.

Well now there is a flat tire that was a fortune to me, but an obstacle for their hino truck vehicle users on the go or want to travel, happy over the suffering of others”. Well buddy, if in previous posts I’ve discussed on how to patch a tire, be it a motorbike tire or tires.

On this occasion I would still discuss it back to share a little story about how to get the tire, but I will discuss this time is how to get the tire truck. What and how to get the tire truck … ??

Actually to get the tire truck way similar to how the tire fixed car or motorcycle tires, remember just about the same, meaning that there must be different, then where is the difference and what are the steps, let me invite you to discuss it together.

Before we go on the way or the steps truck tire fixed, there are things you should know in advance that on some of the equipment used to do this job.

Although the actual equipment is also similar to the equipment to patch small car tires or motorbike tires, but I’ve said above is not the same but similar, so there are several different tools to get the tire truck.

Consider the figure below … !!!

In the picture above there are several tools used to patch a truck tire that is: Palu large or bodem, Spoon Tire size and stem pieces per car truck. Now the functionality and usability of these tools is to open a truck tire and remove velg.

Steps Patching Truck Tires

The first step, as usual before making a working first step that must be done is to prepare all the equipment to be used.

The second step, using the Open nipple nipple key to discard or remove residual air in the tires, make it easier when opened.

Step Three, use flat and pieces per truck to bring down one side of the tire, especially the outside firstly advance, and do not adhere to the rim or collapsed, so it is easier when taking the rings.

The four-step, user safety or retaining ring using a spoon tires tires, then the tire behind and do back as the third step, the lower the other side of the tire, so as not to stick to the wheels.

Step Five, Remove the rim from the tire, then grab the tire inside, give further wind flat dirimbang on the vessel to locate the leaking section, and do not forget to mark these sections using a stick or a wooden match.

Sixth step, open and close back after  tires, clean the leaking section using a dry cloth, then scrape the tires using wood or using the tool  other tires.

Step Seven, Give the glue moderation on the part that will be patched, paste compound or rubber cement to moderation on the part, then pressed using a press, and wait until cooked fillings.

Step Eight, Lift tire of pressing tool, dip into the water the tire that runs patched to cool, and then let the wind in Rimbang back to confirm whether patched is completely meetings, or find if there are other parts that leak.

If you believe and is almost certain no part of the leak, then flat back of the tire, to be installed on the outer tire.

Step Nine, Put tire on the tire surface, then input also scarves tires or sliwer, to protect the inner tube of the heat coming from the rim, and to avoid direct contact with velg.

Step Ten, Replace the tire on velg, then plug also Ring seat and make sure the position of the valve is in the midst of her nipple hole.

Step Eleven, this step is the last step, after the tire is mounted on velg once Ring The safety has also been installed, the next pump or a tire inflator in accordance with the size commonly used to measure tire pressure truck in my area, usually the front tire 70 psi while the rear tire-130psi 110psi.

Keep in mind when pumping truck tires, to make it more secure and to maintain the safety of ourselves, should enter the tire spoon into the hole located on velg, this is done as a precaution when Ring seat apart when pumped.

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