Ditch Soil Excavation Form and Simple Building Foundations


Soil excavation for the foundation of the building, the foundation of the palm directly over, usually trapezoidal in shape, enough with picks and manpower, because the volume a bit, using heavy equipment is not economical. But for the foundation of building a large and spacious with a volume of excavation was great, although a shallow foundation  foundation plates / Voet plate, should be considered with heavy equipment, in this case the ideal is to use a back hoe (there are several names that are often used between other, namely:

back shovel
pull shovel

Bucket on a back hoe is perfect for digging trenches, if the soil contains rocks can also remove him. Wide of bucket allows to work with good. Order foundation or trench excavation and the planned location of temporary road should be considered not to heavy equipment and dump trucks have difficulty maneuver and journey. It is very much likely, especially because of the problems that are cut fill semarang obstacles to the project are always different condition.

Need noted also the combination of these tools is the composition of the fruit back hoe with a dump truck that used. Too lot of dump trucks will result in dump truck becomes idle , as well as a shortage of dump trucks will make a back hoe into idle. Even though price of production of heavy equipment are expensive, so the absolute calculated in terms

capacity back hoe / excavator
capacity dump truck
cycle time of the dump truck
factor operator

All four of the above should be controlled in order to avoid idle in one of those tools. Controlled meant here mainly cycle time of the dump truck.

Example: In the transport of soil can occur turned away land disposal sites, or temporary roads for transporting become damaged. Both of the above will change the cycle time of the dump truck, so it is necessary to change the combination of the equipment.

While the backhoe capacity is influenced by several factors:

material types of soil
The depth of the excavation
Technical requirements excavation
Round corners backhoe
management conditions
Factors operator (skills and attitudes)
Machine condition backhoe
Conditions of employment

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