Rice for Health Benefits


Rice is one kind of plant that is widely grown by farmers in Indonesia. Of course this has been evident for processed from paddy rice which is the staple food of most Indonesian people. Then, rice became more famous and be excellent in Indonesia since their is a saying about rice science that is increasingly contain more ducking.

When it is processed into rice and cooked up into the rice, in which there is carbohydrate content can be used as a source of energy to perform everyday activities. Moreover, in rice also contained sugar content that can be felt when chewed in a long time in the mouth.

IAPA would have thought that before it is processed into rice paddy turns out to have its own benefits for the health and beauty of the body. According  from seed to rice roots have many benefits. As for them are as follows:

Tunica rice seeds can be used to treat diseases of the stomach, indigestion, treat the disease beriberi, overcoming tingling and can increase appetite. This is because the lining rice seeds have a sweet nature and neutral.

Fruit stalks or straw that is often referred to overcome a miscarriage and can clean soiled hair.

Grains (rice) can be used to treat fever, diarrhea, rash, mumps, rheumatism, breast inflammation and ulcers. This is because in the grain there is the content such as the B vitamins, enzymes, glutelin, dextrin, xylan and others.

The roots of rice can be used to treat excessive sweating, because when used the roots have a warm nature so as to close the pores of the body large

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