Dangers of Using Lipstick


Can cause the lips being blackened

Although basically most of the lipstick is produced to change the color of the lips to become more attractive, but it turns out the condition of use of lipstick that may cause the appearance of this disorder. yes, the lips can be black and will also cause your face to be seen to be very pale. This lip become black conditions simply and solely was due to deposition of pigment color which is owned by the lipstick itself. Lipstick is too often used, without cleaning it first, will cause the pigment color of lipstick into a precipitate, and will eventually be the cause of black lips.

Can cause allergies

Apparently, using lipstick can also be dangerous, because it can lead to the emergence of allergies. Yes, allergies on the lips will appear, especially if the pigment content and other chemicals contained in the lipstick can not be accepted by the immune system properly. This will cause the lips become itch and also be broken – broken, which in turn will make you look even become unattractive.

Wary of mercury in cosmetics

One of the harmful ingredients contained in cosmetic products, not least from the lipstick is the mercury content. Typically, levels of mercury are present in products lipstick and other beauty products that are counterfeit products of a particular brand, brand fake alias. Mercury content is of course very dangerous for our health. the most important thing that can happen because of the mercury content is that it can cause cancer.

There is the content methylparaben

Other content that may be causing harm to the lipstick is the content of methylparaben. This material is one of the many ingredients found in some brands lipstick, which may also already know. Methylparaben material turned out to be dangerous, because it can increase its risk of esophageal cancer, the same as the mercury content which we have discussed previously.
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May cause reproductive disorders

In lipsticks also sometimes contain retinyl palmitate. The content of these chemicals turned out, in addition to causing cancer, it can also lead to the disruption of the female reproductive system. Therefore, for those of you expecting mothers, try to use lipstick that do not contain retinyl palmitate, in order to be spared of reproductive disorders, which may be harmful to your baby.

Can cause lip skin becomes broken – broken and too rough

Other dangers that can arise from the use of lipstick is that it can cause the lips to be broken broke and also be rough. This might happen if you overuse lipstick continuous basis, and also did not pay attention to the chemicals of lipstick may be hazardous to your health.

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