Benefits of Skin Egg


Some of the benefits that can be drawn from the eggshell namely:

Can Be Used To Kill Small Animals

When having problems in the home for many insects or animals usually we sprayed it with liquid insecticide, a type of limestone or some other insect killers. But if it does not want to use insect repellent, may try to eliminate insects or small animals at home with the egg shell. By smoothing the eggshells up into a powder and then sprinkle on small animals or insects. Powdered egg shells can kill a variety of pests, insects and other small animal that sometimes make residents disturbed.

Troubleshooting Waterways

The drains are clogged or blocked certainly will cause serious problems if not addressed. How to cope with clogged drains usually by opening a channel and then jabbed objects like wood or long iron into the channel so that the dirt in it can be lost. However, in addition to the in a way overcoming clogged drains can be done using egg shell powder. The way is easy, by smoothing shell egg shells so as to get its powder, then pour in the clogged channel. Powdered eggs in this clogged drains that need to be allowed to work alone in a night. The next day, the drains are clogged already smooth again. For those who have never tried, maybe next time can practice it at home if found clogged drains.

Adequate Calcium Needs

Lack of calcium in the body can lead to the bones become porous and less healthy teeth. Maintaining the health of calcium is very important to keep it easy to move even at the age of old. However, when they are having problems with calcium, need to be addressed urgently in order not to become more severe. One way to overcome the problem of calcium in the body with eggshell powder. By consuming one tablespoon of egg shell powder dissolved in drinking water, can nourish the calcium in the body about 900 mg. Calcium supplements can be useful to overcome the lack of calcium in the body and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. With adequate calcium intake, bone problems such as joint pain and various other bones problem insurmountable.

Beautify Skin

No need expensive treatments to make the skin smooth and looks pretty. By using eggshell powder and make it as a mask to form a layer of skin is soft. By using a mask of egg shell powder 3 times a week can help beautify the skin. However, this method is not recommended for those who have facial acne, because it can cause more severe acne problems

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