What Is the Solution Based Industry Survey Leica Offer?


Leica surveying solutions targeted to the needs-based survey of traditional industries and emerging needs. Here is a list of the needs assessments currently being met by Leica scanning tools and applications:

1. Techniques

Since the advent of commercial laser scanning in the mid-1990s, the engineering industry has become one of the biggest users. Among scanning needs based on other techniques, Leica address product scanning needs associated with the following projects and practice: a survey of engineering, workflow HDS, road planning and rerouting, planning, train and rerouting, tunnel surveying, planning bridges, construction of large buildings, construction of water supply, plants and plant surveys.

2. Construction and Excavation

In addition to the company’s engineering, construction and excavation companies are the most famous of the laser scanner. Leica scanning equipment to scan addresses the needs associated with jasa topografi the following projects and practices, among others: the classic as built surveying, surveying buildings, sites and structures scanning, renovation of buildings, parking surveys, and archaeological and heritage surveys.

3. Mining and Exploration

An example of how Leica Geosystems improve survey of mining and exploration can be seen on streamlining the collection of data for open pit mining. In the traditional survey process for open pit mining, the surveyor traveling to various places in the mine to establish the position of the data collection. Leica equipment reduces the amount of data collection positions, and sometimes can reduce them to one position. In addition to shortening the survey process, equipment Leica also offers greater security for surveyors.

4. Forensic and Public Safety

Forensic and public safety organizations more new users scanning equipment. For law enforcement, Leica scanners help with the following activities: crime scene investigation, vulnerability and threat assessment, shooting, scene of the accident investigation, and the investigation of the explosion. In addition to helping law enforcement, scanning laser data can also help lawyers present a compelling argument in court through the scene and animation scene of the accident.

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