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5 tricks to capture awesome couple portraits

Couple portraits are meant to capture the moment and tell a story. For instance, how they met, was in at a coffee shop, library, tinder or speed dating Houston? Where did they do go for their first date? Who is the clumsy one?

Have your camera ready to catch those moments when they are unaware. They end up making the best pictures. The tricky part of the process is to make them look all natural and cute. People tend to be rigid in front of a camera and it’s not a good look. You as the photographer need to come with a way that will ease them up as you take great shots.

  1. Tell their story differently.

In an attempt to capture cool shots, you might end up with lifeless pictures on your hands. First, get acquainted with them and talk about them. Read between the lines and watch their body language. Learning to read people will help you tell their story through the lens. Remember you are an artist and it’s your skill that will add soul to the portraits. Like a writer, your story has to have a plot from the start to the end.

  • Get them to ease up

From the very beginning of a shoot, try to help the couple forget that they are posing for pictures. This way they can be themselves. It’s okay if the first pictures appear rigid. Try and lighten the mood with a few jokes. Let them be as comfortable as possible. Tell them about yourself and get to know each other. Ask awkward questions or anything that will get them talking.

  • Encourage them to show emotions

Photos that capture real emotions, especially happiness and joy, can be preserved for many years to come. They can act as a time machine; even if you see these pictures in ten years or more, that same feeling will return. In order to make such a photo, a photographer needs to believe that such moments are priceless.

  • Find the best lightnings

For a picture to be great, the lighting must be perfect. You as the photographer should know that. Considering the theme of the photo shoot and the time of the day, lighting gives the pictures different feel to them. Always ask the clients whether they prefer natural lighting or artificial. Whichever one they prefer, it’s up to you to make it work. You have to be creative with the angles to get the best shot.

  • Add a movement

When couples move around and play, it helps you capture the fun and playful pictures. You can make this happen by putting some music and let them dance. Be creative with the process, you can also let them jump around, run, tickle each other, hold hands spin or anything that can help. The idea is to help them be themselves and show their personalities.

There is really no limit when it comes to a photo session. You as the photographer will have to make the process fun and capture the moments. One thing that will help you be more creative is when you get photographed yourself. This way you get to understand how it’s like to be on the other side. 

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